Iraqi Freedom Goal!

Revised and Retitled form of IF THE TABLES HAD BEEN TURNED 2


                        IRAQI FREEDOM GOAL!


Survivors of the Germany where Hitler’s henchmen reigned,

Would surely have more sympathy for those ruled by Hussein!

Instead of criticizing the “Iraqi Freedom” aim,

They’d realize that liberation is a noble claim.


Our men and women fighting there ‘gainst degradation’s rule

Are teaching many children what it means to go to school,

To have a goal of living, and their longings to fulfill!

Pursuing dreams of happiness, not thousands they might kill,


The common people soon perceived our troops mean only good,

To give them hope of living in a peaceful neighborhood,

Where fear and apprehension could be taken far away,

Instead of their “companions” every moment of the day


There’s really no comparison with Hitler’s vast blitzkrieg,

Determining to overthrow all Nations in The League,

It’s not the common people who resist our troops’ advance,

The war would soon be over if the people had a chance.


Our troops face opposition from the tyrants, for control

Of ev’ry thought and notion, lest the people reach their goal

Of self-determination, a respectful livelihood,

To stop the subjugation, and the wanton shedding blood!


Imposing western ways on lands of Japheth, Ham, and Shem

Is not the aim of those who dream of liberating them.

Devising ways to reach their goals; though Poet’s words repeat*

That “East and west shall never…” in the Bible’s God we’ll meet!


            — Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 1/19 & 2/10/2008

*Rudyard Kipling

The rest of the Story is in my WW 2 History still in process, refuting “brainwashed” versions from the liberal media’s misinterpretations!  


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  Photo by Sue Charles Photo by Sue Charles Photo by Sue Charles  

Frank Tuthill was a person who was more comfortable with as little attention as possible. He held his feelings and his thoughts to himself more than ever letting them be known. Frank was an accomplished artist, working in oils, pastels, pen and ink, charcoal sketching. He made his subjects live on the canvas or paper with a realism that was unique. He had a particular gift for portrayal of people, nature and wild life.  

Frank lived from December 1913 to November 2005.

 Photo by Sue Charles  Boy and girl scouts lead in pledge to flag  In honor of those who served.

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