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Welcome to the Tribute page for Frank Tuthill

  Photo by Sue Charles Photo by Sue Charles Photo by Sue Charles  

Frank Tuthill was a person who was more comfortable with as little attention as possible. He held his feelings and his thoughts to himself more than ever letting them be known. Frank was an accomplished artist, working in oils, pastels, pen and ink, charcoal sketching. He made his subjects live on the canvas or paper with a realism that was unique. He had a particular gift for portrayal of people, nature and wild life.  

Frank lived from December 1913 to November 2005.

 Photo by Sue Charles  Boy and girl scouts lead in pledge to flag  In honor of those who served.

Be sure to visit the story about the Pre-Veteran’s Day Memorial Event in Lyle, WA Oct. 28, 2006.  CLICK HERE to view the page now, and then click on the first picture, or the click to listen flag picture at the bottom of the article – to listen to the audio podcast of the speaker, Lt. Col. Roger Crabbs, USAF (Ret.), introduced by Frank’s nephew – Art V. Thompson.

(Be sure to give the audio podcast time to load and start playing. You will need your speakers on your computer turned on.)

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